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Protien Feeder

All Seasons Feeders 2000# Evo Protein Feeder

Protein Feeders at Mumme’s Inc.

Today’s hunters have many options to their advantage when it comes to feeding deer protein to their deer herd. Protein feeders are one of the best tools that are implemented by deer hunters and breeders alike.

Free choice protein feeders allow 24/7 access to protein feed essential for optimal antler growth and overall physical condition. Not only do the bucks benefit from this practice but the does and fawns do as well. By providing free choice feed in this manner, does maintain better body condition which translates to a healthier, less stressful gestation period and better lactation for the feeding fawns, which also increases survivability during the harsh South Texas summers.

Timed feeders are just what they sound like….feeders set to distribute the protein on a timed schedule. Typically timed feeders are more cost-effective than free choice feeders as there is a significant decline in wasted feed from non-targeted animals. Contact Cody Perkins for questions and information.