Hay and Shavings

ShavingsHay and Shavings at Mumme’s Inc.

Mumme’s Inc. is pleased to provide quality Hay and Shavings to our community.

3-String Alfalfa

3-String Bermuda

2-String Alfalfa

2-String Coastal Bermuda

Timothy Hay


We provide quality shaving at a quality price.

  • Large flake shavings, 8 cu. ft. expanded
  • Medium flake shavings, 5.5 cu. ft. expanded
  • Small flake shavings, 4 cu. ft. expanded
  • Pine & Cedar Blended shaving freshen your barn and also help with insect control.  Large flake, 8 cu. ft.
  • Cedar shavings, 4 cu. ft. expanded
  • Pelleted shavings that also works great as cat litter as well as a stall bedding

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