4 Tips For Planting Deer Plots

Whitetail Deer Buck standing in the woods.

Planting a food plot is the ideal way to lure deer to your hunting lease. You’ll also be providing deer with supplemental food throughout the year, which will keep them feeding and breeding in your area.

Here are four tips for preparing a deer plot:

1. Pick a location that you know deer already inhabit. It should have fertile soil that gets at least a few hours of sunlight during the day. You’ll want a manageable area around ½ acre in size.

2. Clean out bushes, shrubs or any dead plants in the area. Then test the soil with a DIY kit or a local agricultural department. Based on the test, you should fertilize the soil so that growing conditions are good.

3. Loosen the soil and plant your plot with seed formula. Use the recommended planting per rate on the label of the product you are using. Keep them well watered until crops are established.

4. If possible, fence in the area while allowing the seed to get started so that other wildlife doesn’t get into the area as it begins to grow.

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  1. Luke Smith says:

    Picking a plot where you already know deer inhabit sound sensible, since it would be a good indicator that the soil is already fertile. I also liked your thought about fencing the area to keep other wildlife out while your seed grows. I would imagine that it could be a great idea for a first timer to work with a more experienced hunter to make sure that they work through the process correctly.

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