About Mumme’s Inc.

Mumme's Inc.About Mumme’s Inc.

In 1928, Clarence Mumme Sr. started what would become Mumme’s Inc. with his first brood of 100 laying chicks. By the late 1960´s his business had grown to become one of the largest poultry operations in South Central Texas.

Today, Mumme’s Inc. has 50 employees that have majority ownership in the company. We operate two grain-receiving facilities and three retail stores. Our efficient grain handling and processing facilities have helped make us the leading grain elevator in Medina and surrounding counties.  Our retail stores cater not only to the farm and ranch community but to anybody that enjoys an outdoor lifestyle.


Over the past fifteen years, wildlife management has become a major part of the South Texas farm and ranch scene, and Mumme’s Inc. has been there every step of the way. We are the largest AntlerMax feed dealer in the United States for Purina Mills, the leader in animal nutrition. We also have the best selection of hardware in South Texas, at the best prices.